Ever since its formation almost 40 years ago students and staff have left the South Island Community, and now as international citizens, inhabit all corners of the globe.

For all of us our school days will hold fond memories and I hope that you too hold positive memories of your school, your school friends, your teachers and above all the education you experienced.

As a school over the years we have not been great at holding together or keeping in touch with our graduating students but as they say it’s never too late to try and we hope to build and rebuild the sense of community that so many of you speak so highly about when I meet you on your visits back to your alma mater.

Do please register yourselves in our alumni website, like our Facebook page, stay connected with us through LinkedIn and get in touch with other ex-SIS students to do the same. In this way we can start to nurture and recreate the friendships and memories from your school days.

Kind regards,

Graham Silverthorne